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Great Water filtration Methods you don’t want to miss

There is not one single law that requires bottled water to be purer and more free from unnecessary chemicals than tap water. It is like purifying ordinary tap water into fancy bottles and sell them for ten times the price.
Many reviews showed that often it is even worse than tap water.
In the last couple decades the chemicals that got into our water grew to a number that is incredible. And since industrial production is getting bigger this number is increasing rapidly. Since the number of chemicals is increasing sharply the chance of getting cancer as a water consumer rose from 1:50 to a 1:3 chance since this chemicals appeared the first time. Save yourself from over 2000 cancer-causing contaminants that would enter your body by investing in water filtration systems.
Your water can be contaminated as it passes through various stages from collection, treatment, and distribution. It can get contaminated from the groundwater or at the treatment facility or when it is being transported through pipes to homes. There are various places this contamination can occur. That is why it is important to find an effective treatment method to purify your water before drinking. Health they say is wealth, and drinking contaminated water is the surest way to land yourself into a health problem. There are several methods used for the purification of water. Some of the most common methods include counter top water filter, distillation, reverse osmosis water filter, and under-sink water filter.
Countertop water filter

This is one of the most common ways of ensuring a safe drinking water. Countertop filter reduces contaminants 5 times more than several other types of water filters out there. It is an effective way to get healthy and clean water from your tap. One positive attribute of this water filtration system is its effectiveness at maintaining healthy minerals while removing pollutants at the same time. Most of them have twin cartridges and four-phase filtration system with a combination sub-micron filtration, ion exchange, and carbon filtration.

Although this method of water filtration is gradually losing its initial importance, so many households still chose to use the method because of its effectiveness at incapacitating bacteria. It is a complex procedure that involves the boiling and cooling of water as bacteria are destroyed and inorganic substances like magnesium, calcium, and lead are separated. This process was initially developed for use in industries but was later adapted for home use. You won’t be able to get rid of chemicals using this method. This is why carbon filtration method is added to ensure that the drinking water is free of chemicals. The distillation method consumes a lot of energy since the water has to be at a boiling point before condensing. These down sides are the reason why people are now shifting cheaper and all-round efficient methods of water filtration.
Reverse Osmosis

A reverse osmosis water filter is a systematic process of creating tiny pores so that tiny contaminants are trapped while water is forced out through the fine-porous membranes. Just like the water distillation method, it was developed to be used for industrial purposes but was later adapted in homes. The process is very effective at keeping contaminants out of water. There are lots of products on Amazon, you can easy find the best reverse osmosis system for your home.
Undersink water filter

An undersink water filter is an effective way to have clean water at minimal cost and reduce expenses on bottled water. They work like a reverse osmosis water filter but do not tamper with the minerals that are very essential to the body. They produce no waste water and are easier to maintain unlike some other types of water filtration methods.

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How to choose the perfect twin stroller?

If you are blessed with twin babies, then you will have to manage a lot to take care of them both at the same time. This might not be easier, when you have to take them out with you. A best stroller for twins will make it easy for you to maneuver them in the stroller at the same time in malls, parks and zoos.

Twins baby
The parents can choose from tandem twin stroller or side-by-side twin stroller. Various models of twin strollers are available in the market. Parents should choose that stroller which has all the features and components that would be needed while maneuvering their twins in the stroller. This task requires keen observation and product comparison, since you would be purchasing a stroller that could be used for long time till your babies grow up.

We have discussed some tips for purchasing a perfect twin stroller below especially for the parents who will be buying a stroller for the very first time.

How to make a good choice among different brands of twin strollers?

It is a challenge to make a perfect choice, when you have to buy a stroller, especially when you become a parent for the very first time. Purchasing a twin stroller is a bit difficult compared to a standard stroller. You have to look for such type of twin stroller which offers equal levels of support and comfort for their twins. Besides this, additional features in the strollers like storage pockets, mug carriers and mobile holders are quite handy especially when you go for an outing. Various brands offer quality strollers including BabyLove, Valco, Mountain Buggy, Maclaren and many others. Parents should look for the following qualities and features of a twin stroller before making the final choice.

Durable twin stroller will serve you economic purchase:

You would like to buy a twin stroller that could be used for long time, since it is not that much cheaper. A good quality stroller is durable for at least 2 to 3 years. During this time, its tires, seats materials and other features won’t wear out to much extent. A durable stroller does not need to be more expensive. Parents can find a good quality mid-range twin stroller that gives a solid performance.

Comfort and convenience is all that matters:

Besides, you look for stylish designs and styles of twin strollers, you cannot overlook the comfort and convenience provided with each design. Since a twin stroller is a bit heavier than a single stroller, the parents need to maneuver it with little more effort. The best twin stroller will be easy to handle and move. It should be easy to fold and load in the trunk. Similarly the level of comfort provided by different brands of twin strollers will add to their worth. Every parent looks for a twin stroller that feature cozy padded seats all covered with easy-to-remove-and-wash fabrics. Such seats will ensure utmost comfort to the twins as well as ease to the parents.

The twin stroller should be compatible with your lifestyle:

Every parent has its own lifestyle and daily routine. Once you are blessed with twins, you will have to adjust your timings and priorities to raise them up well according to your lifestyle. Purchase that type of twin stroller that assists you with your daily routine. You should also look for the surroundings where you have to take your babies out in the stroller.

Various types of strollers for twins:

Keeping in view the different features and lifestyles of parents, we have discussed the different types of twin strollers below. This list will assist parents in purchasing a perfect twin stroller for their infants.
Tandem stroller: This stroller has two seats attached to each other in front-to-back ways. It is a compact stroller usually suitable for an infant and an older kid. Other features of this type of stroller include a large sized single canopy that covers both the seats. The rear seat can be fully retracted so that the infant can get a comfortable sleep.

Side-by-side stroller: This is a lightweight stroller suitable for twins or even for children with some age difference. The only difficulty in maneuvering this type of stroller is that it cannot be passed through all kinds of doorways. Other features of this stroller include thick padded seats with individual foot rests. The canopy is also single yet shared. The seats can be reclined individually.

Jogging Stroller: This type of stroller is specifically designed for the mothers who wish to regain their physique after pregnancy. Its heavy designing and safety features make it easy for parents to maneuver the stroller fast while they jog around in the park. However, this type of stroller should only be used when your babies are at least one ear old to hold their necks properly.

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Comparison of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Drinking safe water is a basic necessity of life. Therefore, the need for different purification strategies ensuring the quality of water has also increased. Although a house can make use of different methods of water purification, Reverse Osmosis system has been found to be more useful, feasible and effective.

Pure water is always good for your healthy

To recap, Reverse Osmosis is a technique in which filtration of water occurs by passing the water through a filter in the form of a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane is finely perforated and can filter various suspended particles, bacteria and other chemical contaminants.

As the water released by the system is odorless and free from bad flavors, they are highly recommended in both residential settings and even water purifying plants.

Since there are different models and varieties of the unit commercially available, it’s best to review and compare them before choosing one. It also ensures that you choose a system that fits your surroundings and your needs. 

What should you compare and contrast in an RO system?

Like most gadgets that come inclusive of different features, the reverse osmosis systems also have some points that need to be carefully considered. After all, these systems more or less look the same, work in the same manner and even have the same basic components within them all.
RO system sequence diagram
Therefore it’s vital that you understand the major features or points of the unit which helps it to stand out among the others. To help you with your comparison, we have created a list of factors that you need to be aware of. 
  • Always check the quality and performance of the system’s membranes and filters. All systems have a carbon and sediment filter cartridge and a RO membrane. Ensure that these are of highest standard and quality. 
  • Before moving on to the osmosis membrane stage, the water is collected in the pre-filter system. Therefore for a longer lasting RO membrane and an efficient unit choose one with a good carbon filter.
  • Check for the overall purification efficiency of the system. Read through the product description of the system and find out its efficiency in filtering out, the different types of impurities, particles and micro-organisms. The efficiency of the unit is generally recorded in units of microns. 
  • Consider the water pressure of the system. 
  • Water temperature and ease of maintenance is another important fact for consideration. The more complex the system requires you to rely on professional help each time you want to change the membranes or the cartridges. Deciding on a system where you can replace components on your own saves you time and money. 
  • Check for the size of the storage tank. After purification by the pre and post filter stages, the water is usually collected in the storage tank for drinking purposes. Most systems have a storage tank of 2.5 gallons capacity. You will need this capacity and the best move is never to compromise on it. 
  • Post filters are essential for ensuring that the water is free from any odor and taste. If you are not keen on drinking foul tasting water, make sure to get a unit with excellent post filters. 
  • Auto-shut off features are a must! It helps to conserve water and saves energy as it automatically stops the water filling when the tank is full.

These are some of the basic factors of an RO system that you should be aware. Comparison of each and every unit based on these points will help you short list your best reverse osmosis water filtration system.